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about us

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Austrian Jazz Ensemble with influences from all over the world has been founded in June 2018.


All the songs that we wanna play have one main thing in common:

They were written during holiday or any band tournee telling a story of a special and intimate moment or Impressions of different landscapes as for example some hidden bay or steep clipp in the South of Great Britain, exotic gardens in Spain and Italy, monumental beauty in Paris, Florence, Prague, Berlin, Lisboa, Dubrovnik or even New York City, etc.


A cool and freshy mixture of Modern Swing, Second Line, Bossa Nova, Afro Cuban, Soft Funk, Jazzwaltz and Ballad played by four talented, most ambitious and professional musicians of Vienna Jazz Scene. More details about the band members down below......

















 Albert Reifert (piano, arrangements)


I´m mad about... good books by Nick Hornby or Joachim Mayrhoff, ev´ry kind of music except Spanish Popsongs (Gosh, i hate it...!!!)

I don´t like... discotheques or rock festivals with crowds of people, neither silly questions nor false friends, spicy food, car rides that last the whole day through, suffering, intolerance, envy and pride.

Hotspot in Vienna... Summer Stage

My favourite destination... Italy, Croatia

My favourite artists... Tschaikowsky, Steps Ahead, Chick Corea

The thing that relaxes me the most is... sitting in my shady garden

Plan B: Comedian or Radio Presenter

  for further informations please watch my official website:









  Niko Afentulidis (tenor sax, soprano, flute)


I’m mad about... vintage tenor saxophones and, of course,

vintage Otto Link mouthpieces.

I don´t like... fast food, racism, violence, Guardala mouthpieces

Hotspot in Vienna... Zwe, Jazzland, any good restaurant

My favourite destination... every destination I can at least drive to and don´t have to walk to

My favourite artists... J.S.Bach, John Coltrane and the post coltrane tenors (david liebman, Steve Grossman, Michael Brecker, etc.)

The thing that relaxes me the most is... a good meal, cold beer, sometimes a cigarette...

Plan B: consultant, couisinier


for further informations please watch my official website:


    Gina Schwarz (bass)

I like... good vibes

I don´t like... bad vibes

Hotspot in Vienna... roof terrace, by a river or a lake

My favourite destination... South (anywhere)

Musician that impressed me the most... Nick Drake (at the moment)

The thing that relaxes me the most is... a massage

Plan B: architect

  for further informations please watch my official website:

Harry Tanschek (drums)

I´m mad about... spending (leasure) time with my wife

whenever and wherever

I don´t like... to get up in the morning

Hotspot in Vienna... my rehearsing space
My favourite destination... my big couch in my living room

Musician that impressed me the most... Miles Davis

The thing that relaxes me the most is...practising

Plan B: Musician (No Plan B)

for further informations please watch my official website

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TOUR RETOUR hat sich im September 2018 gegründet und spielt vorwiegend Eigenkompositionen im Genre Modern Swing, ECM, Latin Jazz und Second Line. Der rote Faden des Programms ist das Verreisen. Jeder einzelne Song fand seinen Ursprung in der Inspiration fremder Kulturen und Länder, Landschaften und pulsierender Großstädte wie Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona oder New York City, ist auf Tourneen oder Urlauben entstanden und nimmt Sie mit auf eine spannende Weltreise mit vielen rhythmischen Facetten und unterschiedlichen Klangteppichen.      Pressetext Lenny G., Falter

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